Christmas Holiday

As BT have just returned my internet connection after having to purchase a new BT Home Hub i can update people with what has turned into an eventful winter break.

By using technology I have started to interact more with designers across the globe. I have been introduced to the world of by freelance illustrator George Coghill. the use of artcast is to chat with and interact with other artists and designers whilst they produce work in real-time. This is a revolution in the field of design as now you can see your favorite Illustrators create work, and if you are not sure on how they accomplished things you can just type/talk to them an ask them. it expands on our creative circle and lets you create links with people from other mediums. I have already viewed people creating book illustrations and have seen how to rectify mistakes.

This linking with the use of social networking sites Kieran I have been able to connect with various designers. the basis of this is that I believe each person you have contact with, especially in our field of work, gives a new insight which feeds the creative mind. Using the internet to create a web platform has allowed me to find obscure work that I wouldn’t have been able to locate with out the help off the artists who i have been linked with.

although in a separate field I have worked with MESH CULTURE magazine when they came down to london.

MESH is a youth cultural shift, whereby we, against an urban backdrop, are starting to shed these given labels and boundaries. Instead we are picking and choosing what we like, what we want and whom we are; meshing these choices and influences together and discarding the parts and labels that we refuse to carry anymore!

MESH Culture is bright and energetic. Contagious. Pure.
It is progression in its purest form – organic and inclusive.

It is a paradigm shift in thought, action and expression.
It’s a fusion; a fusion of styles, influences, sounds and philosophy. It is the expansion of horizons, the liberation of minds and souls and the innovation and adaptation of existing cultural outputs.

It is a new culture: MESH Culture.

Through a mutual contact i was there to help with their filming off their online design section Mesh ClipsStreet Style (London Episode). I had the opertunity to interact with some of London’s première fashion brands and was given the chance to talk to designers as we explored their london offices deep inside Shoreditch. Hopefully this will lead to me being able to communicate with members of the design community about different sections of the industry. I also got to see some of the setbacks that people involved with the media and design industry are viewed with some caution as the power that we have to manipulate brands can have a consiquence. this was seen in the fact that we were banned from showing scenes inside certain shops that didn’t want to be associated with the ‘youth’ culture.

i have also been invited to become involved with Street Talk uk another magazine based on lifestyle and fashion among other things. all these developments are to try to help me expand my design community as well as create links to other areas that can appeal to me and will help further my designs.

the latest opportunity that has come to me has come from one of the leaders of the goldsmiths university student union. I have been apporached to design flyers and posters to advertise upcoming events in their student union bar. hopefully if they like my work this could turn into a regular position. this opportunity allows my work to be seen by many people across the Greenwich/south london area


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