Reflective Overview

Just realized that i forgot to post this with the pdf of my work

My idea of this year was to experiment with a more advanced variation in my work.
My main reason for this is so I can have a wider range of experience for when I move into a more professional environment. My main idea was to try my hand at motion graphics and in turn animation which I instantly enjoyed and would like to try to focus on improving over the summer.
I feel that I have improved in things away from the computer, such as inking techniques, sketchbook work. I am happy that I have managed to maintain my interest in the subject, I’m always looking at other artists and striving to achieve better designs
my main problem at this moment is that I am still trying to take in as much from the world of design as I possibly can.
I feel that in my third year when grades actually matter it will be about perfecting a specific part of design and it is that thing that I will worry about. As I want to achieve not only the best portfolio work but also the best grade.

I feel that my best work came at the beginning of the year, with a topic that I was able to completely lose myself in the historical event. I chose the events of Chernobyl as I wanted a theme that wasn’t completely known by everyone like the events of 9/11 and something that still held secrets that would be a learning curve for me to gain attention with.
I don’t think I gave myself the best work to the YCN brief I felt that the idea of the monster stalking us was strong although I didn’t pull it off as well as I feel I could have
I enjoyed working on my graphic novel, it led to me using techniques to try replicate the 80 style of graphic novels. The skill of using brush and ink is not a strong point for me so it gave me a chance to improve that area of design, as well as letting me investigate the different method of type.
It has also led to interest in publishing a wider range of the novel on an online site, which hopefully will give me a further taste of deadlines and rapidly changing situations.

Professional practise

The idea of presenting and marketing myself lead to some interesting developments of me as a person. I had to look at myself from an outside appearance and try to evaluate myself in a way to increase interest in my personality as well as my designs. This led to some conflicts as I wanted to be rated more on my designs then on my personality.
My strongest part of this project I feel would be my grove fresh branding. It allowed me to try some projects that I wouldn’t have been interested in before the year. I also experimented with using a colour coded style to my work which I then added to both my presentation and my self promotion piece.

Critical theory
This year I have noticed an increase in both depth of research required and also the content that we were asked to research into for our critical theory. I feel that this year I have used what we have learnt and applied it to my work. Most notably in my Chernobyl posters, rather than what I did last year where I just didn’t realize how much of an impact cultural research will add to my final pieces.
I enjoyed this year more than last, as our new lecturer, and the style of his lectures had a way of involving us rather than just asking us questions. I felt we were being part of the learning process instead of being taught at.

I feel that I have made strides and have concentrated more on where I want to move into the design work with the help of this year. Although I know that it will be a completely new task when the grades actually matter


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