New Illustrations, Coffin Artwork And More

New illustrations I have found, some unique coffin artwork, a random book counter, and a whole bunch of interesting things read more after the break

[click for higher res]
An illustration from Birminghams Tahgasa Bertram which was created for ‘OutSmart – 99 Cheeky Outings Fuelled by Smart’ Project.
The strong contrast of colours in the illustration really do the piece justice. I would love to see a screen printed version of the piece

Now if you own a bookshop and can’t think of how to give your shop a little twist how about this

made from old books that im guessing the shop didn’t sell it creates a little feature that would have the whole community talking.

Now when people think about coffins, it’s never usually a happy occasion, but one website has decided to change all that is a collective project showcasing an ongoing selection of coffin artworks by the finest illustrators and artists from around the globe. showcasing their talents on a very unique platform. I guess it makes a stylish way to go.

Last but not least is this amazing Julian Appelius Drop Coat Rack. Now i know that coat racks may not sound like the most interesting thing that a person could create a blog post about but I really love this piece. so simple but I think it looks fantastic


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