London Comic And Film Convention

to support my brother who was selling his artwork [link] I went to the London Film and Comic Con, in earls court. Guest’s included Mike Tyson, William Shatner, as well as Cast from BBC’s Being Human and many more. Pics after the jump

I saw some impressive collections of original DC Covers from superman and Batman down at the convention. it featured a DC time line which as you walked down showed famous covers from various superheros, from wonder woman to green lantern, trough different eras. you had the covers of the first Batman comic, to the first justice league.
it was great seeing comparisons right in front of your eyes as it gave you a way to see first hand the different techniques of different artists

got to love the joker. more pictures here

not only was there a collection of old covers available at A3 size, there was also the usual collectables found scattered around the tables, with the Tv stars signing different purchases people bought. although two things did catch my eye. the first was an Iron Man helmet worn by Robert Downey JR during the filming of the first Iron Man film, signed on sale for a mere £1000

yep £1000. that means they actually expect it to sell. i know people are passionate about their hobbies but a grand is a bit of a steep hill for me to justify spending on a film prop

the second was an obvious favorite. Heath Ledger is all you need to know

I also found a stall selling some amazing 3D models of film and TV characters. Different characters from different genres were on the stall. from Chucky to Gremlins each model look like it was so delicately created that im surprised more people were not looking at the pieces. this picture of a model from Predator VS Aliens shows exactly how much attention to detail must be spent on each model

I spend some of the day flicking through artists portfolios and one piece caught my eye so i took a quick snap of it whilst the artist was chatting to me. the line work and composition is just fantastic. check the picture link for more of his work

And although not a massive comic fan myself I found myself trying to find an excuse to have this printed up on my wall

it would certainly draw attention and would be a great way to become a focal point of attention in certain social circles

on the whole it was a great day out, a good way to support my family and a reason to see the batmobile

more pictures here including some crazy airbrushed portraits and more DC posters


One comment

  1. Tom Barden

    Looks like a pretty awesome day, would love to have gone there myself/ go there myself.. maybe next time

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