New Work 22/07

Today I have come across a huge variety of work that I plan on sharing…because im nice
we have work by Jason devine, some minimalistic posters,

today in this world of visual communication one of the most common criticisms is that design is overloaded with information. be it in typographic form, to many colours contrasting, image overload.
to combat this I have found some pieces of minimalistic design that go to show that sometimes less is more.

this piece is created for the novel by george Orwell ‘1984’ bringing together the idea of the government watching whilst keeping a strong typographic element to the piece make it stand out instantly

this piece just makes me laugh. bringing in silhouetted images of animals from around the world and incorporating a bit of humor makes this piece really come together.

the next piece came from Jason devine who has had work commissioned for river island, paste online, and topman amongst others. I found this piece through a link emailed to me so i thought it would be a good opportunity to share. the images are for his new t-shirt label Plastic Square(coming summer 2010)

I have also found some great illustrations by Sandra Dieckmann from her website. these illustrations are used in a series called endangered spieces, which is a collaberation that she is currently working on. this image ismy favorite, mainly because im a fan of tigers!

check her out!

my Last piece is one that i found through a link on Twitter. its by Jonny Wan and it shows his skill at using illustrative typography
if you do one thing today i suggest that you view his site over at


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