27/07 inspiration update

I know that I havent posted in a while (and visitor numbers show) so I feel its time that I updated the blog.

The main thing is that I have chosen my dissertation theme. So the next year will be based on ‘The evolution of technology’
so that will be fun….

I stumbled across the website of kiosk its got some great branding work as well as a few nice vector illustrations… go have a look and inspire yourself.

I like patterns. sounds like a random comment but they usually pop up in my work, i like the symmetrical feeling that a good pattern brings. especially when it is combined with good illustrations and typography. I think that’s why this piece by Jared Nickerson really appeals to me. plus all my friends ARE zombies. his work is available as wallpapers, trainers or iPod cases. hit his website for more info. you wont be disappointed.

Now i like photography, i find it a great way to relieve memories guess the person at this site did as well. taken from Budapest it features a panoramic image that you can zoom into. sounds pretty mundane, untill you realize that the image is 70 billion pixels. It is an impressive sight.

‘Everyone Ever in the World’ is a piece by the luxury of protest/
A visual representation of the number of people to have lived versus been killed in wars, massacres and genocide during the recorded history of humankind. The visualisation uses existing paper area and paper loss (die cut circle) to represent the concepts of life and death respectively. The total number of people to have lived was estimated through exponential regression calculations based on historical census data and known biological birth rates. This results in approximately 77.6 billion human beings to have ever lived during the recorded history of humankind and is represented in the poster as total paper area (650mm X 920mm). The total people killed in conflicts was collated from a number of historical source books and was summed for all conflicts approximately 969 million people killed, or ~1.25% of all the people to have ever lived (die cut area = 650mm X 920mm X 0.0125). The timescale encompasses 3200 BCE to 2009 CE a period of over 5 millennia, and 1100+ conflicts of recorded human history.

simply stunning piece of work.

Last year i had my first chance at exploring motion graphics. it was a new work but i really enjoyed it.
Its work like this that gained my attention in the first place.
Check the Full Video Here


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