Gig Posters

Today is A level results day in the UK so good luck to everyone

I have also noticed today that the website of Ben The Illustrator has been updated. The home page now featuring three great illustrations. Check it out for a simple yet effective design.

Next time you see a confusing advert thank god you dont live in japan…unless you do

I also have found some great posters used to advertise gigs for bands so thought i would share a few with you all

Broken Social Scene

Designer: The Small Stakes

The Decemberists

Designer: Little Jacket

Animal Collective

Designer: Delicious Design League

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

Designer: Dave Conrey

Of Montreal

Designer: F2 Design


Designer: Micah Smith

Belle And Sebastian

Designer: Strawberry Luna

Flight Of The Conchords

Designer: Tyler Stout

All these posters are found on the catalog. If you want to find more i suggest have a search over there. Its a great source of inspiration.


One comment

  1. Nice set of posters there i really like the flight of the conchords poster and animal collective, very spirograph-ee, and seriously that japanese banana advert is just wow.. i think ill go get some now.

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