Brian Ewing, Skateboarding And More

At this precise moment it is absolutely pouring down outside. so much for a hot summer aye. its only august. and the rain keeps knocking out my TV signal. so much so that I have played more and more PS3 as it’s the only way i can watch TV.

now when you release a book it is a BIG deal so you want to do it properly. I recently found one designer who definitely knows how to make a statement with a release of a book. His name is Brian Ewing from NYC and  he created a range of items to go with his book “Don’t Hold Your Breath

Housed in a screen printed box!
1 Copy of the book
1 Atticus/ Brian Ewing collab t-shirt made especially for this awesome occasion.
1 Button Set. Exclusive to the box set.
1 new unpublished print.

Thats how you make a statement of intent with a release

Information is Beautiful

7-Skate Deck Totem

Installation for the “Splinters & Papercuts” exhibit

Look at the great illustration used in the design of these skateboards for a exhibition. I love the colours against the sharpness of the illustration lines


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