Maybe Im Not Unique

Whilst surfing the internet we sometimes find special people. although we have never met or even spoke you notice they seem to listen to the same stuff, do the same thing and generally feel like a second version of you. one person like that is MR Sweaty Eskimo AKA Tahgasa Bertram.
Whenever I read a tweet or comment it is usually something I would be doing or saying. does make me sad that im not as unique as I thought
Anyway on to the artwork itself. This was created for 1Xtra DAB radio show available here weekdays 1pm-4pm.

And Ussain Bolt will be appearing on 1xtra this very afternoon from 4pm

Now are you a charitable person? im not judging you if your not but jsut take a second to look over at

Bringing together ten of our favourite artists in one neat little package! The Renmen Project postcard sets are a fantastic way to treat yourself, treat your friends and spread some love!

The ten artists involved are… Matt Lyon/C86, PodgyPanda, Gemma Correll, Kit Lane, Piktografika, Natasha Newton, Jonny Wan, Kev Speck, Aaron Miller and Simon Wild! That’s 10 artists x 10 postcards = 100% wonderful!

The cards were printed by the lovely folk at Ripe Digital and come packaged together all ready for you.

* postage and packaging payments include a small fee to cover the Paypal commission, this guarantees that 100% of the sale price of the product goes to Unicef

is there a more illustrated way to give to the needy? all 10 postcardsds for only £5. Bargain!!!!


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