Use Your Lance

I have created my questionnaire and am in the process of refining it before sending it out to a variety of different designers and illustrators who will I hope give me a varied and insightful look at how technology has changed the working process for designers.

on another note i am behind with music news but just caught these two performances. Click Too see a lot more
Eminem Opens VMA

B.O.B, Haley Williams, Bruno Mars Airplanes Live

I’m glad that at least one of the women in these videos can sing life. Rihanna’s singing was only a tiny bit better than her outfit

On the note of B.O.B (who i think is insane by the way he jumping about) I hear he will be performing in front of President Obama

From Yankee Stadium to White House? That’s right, B.o.B. was selected to perform for the 44th President at the Gen44 Summit on September 30th.

I also found this image bringing together two of my loves trainers and art

A rainbow spectrum of the new Nike LunarGlide+2 (one of the highly technical sneakers Nike is focusing their spotlight on this season to go along with its theme for bringing running back) hangs from the ceiling of Nike Harajuku.

Thanks to the boys at Mesh for the pics

I saw this image which is trying to inform designers not to do work for free. it made me chuckle

See more of the designer Matt Saunders over at his website

I also spotted this door mat. not exactly the most exciting thing in the world, but designers are known for their creativity

Last note, I’m going to see Thai ‘Matic perform in Shoreditch at the end of the month mainly because of my good friend Kevin Lanre has put the hours (and blog posts and tweets and Facebook messages) to good use. You don’t know Thai Matic? he is currently being touted by BBC DJ Semtex as being one of the next UK artists to blow up. his mix tape is free and available at


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  1. gonna send this to my mom

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