Facebook And Its Lack Of Privacy

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I have been looking at Facebook and its row with Germany over privacy. The german governments have been fighting the social network site over its use of the Facebook Places tool. the german government feel that it is an invasion of the publics privacy. I think it mainly comes from the idea that people are able to tag others in a picture without their consent. also that it is an opt out service and it was included on the publics timeline without a major warning.
Personally I knew about the Facebook places debate before it had even reached these shores and turned it off before it had launched. I can understand the idea but I would rather not let everybody know where my house is thank you.

I feel that in our society there is a rush for information and I that there is pressure on us to release this information to the global audience. These days if you don’t have a Facebook page or twitter you are one of the few minority. I have a friend who organises every activity through Facebook and if I didn’t have one I wouldn’t find out about half the things that were going on

Studies have shown that 45% of mobile internet browsing in the UK is on Facebook’s page. That doesn’t even include the amount people spend on it at home or the Facebook Apps on Android or iOS.

I feel that the privacy row would be an interesting twist as I look at how my practical work will pan out


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