Week By Week 27/9

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Welcome to the first entry of my week by week diary. Click to see how im getting on

So this week I have been looking mainly at animation studios and the work they have created. I spent a fair amount of time searching through Imaginary Forces website http://www.imaginaryforces.com and looking at their work after re-watching the TV show that they created titles for. ‘The Pacific‘ had, I believe, one of the best title sequences of all time, and it was with delight that I found not only screen grabs from their work but also an interview with the designers explaining how they created the titles aswell as the reasoning behind the choices they made.  this type of research is invaluable to me as its ok knowing how people create their work but the ability to see their thought process provides much more information.

I have finished the first draft of my proposals for the third year thesis and practical work, have had it graded and am currently in the process of refining the draft for a second grading. Hopefully with this in the back of my mind it will give me a lift as I start to prepare for my first hand-in which is in less than a month. This is only a research hand in but as there is no room for mistakes I want to perfect everything I have marked before I hand it in.

I feel that a big part of technology in society is the social networking sites that people use (Facebook, Twitter ECT) so I have spent some times looking not just at the sites but also how their features affect us without us knowing. A big part of this research is coming through the lack of privacy that we have when we use these type of websites in particular the idea of people being able to know where you are in the world at a particular point. I don’t want to get into too much detail here as I’m saving it for my dissertation but I do think that social networking sites have become a stalkers paradise. websites like BBC and Engadget have been invaluable to this subject as they report what is happening from two very perspectives and allow me to take a neutral viewpoint with the facts that are presented.

I have also had a good number of my questionnaires back and have gained some interesting results so hopefully when I get a few more back I can start to publish results for everyone to see


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