Obama Graphs And Michael Jordan Doernbecher


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So far I have been looking at ways to present my proposal and I have come to the conclusion that I wish to make an informational piece in a book. I feel that this way I can explain in detail exactly what I want to portray inside my project. I feel that with an animation it may take away from the substance of the actual reasoning behind the work. so with this in mind I have been creating another set of mind maps as well as searching through design books to get a rough idea how I want my design to look. Click to see more

A big inspiration for my book is the piece by Martin Pyper which depicts the president of the united states Barack Hussein Obama II office acceptance speech in an information design form. In the design he created bar graphs and pie charts depicting the amount times he said certain words. Being in gray-scale adds another dimension to the piece as most designers would have used the cliché red white and blue to divide their findings but using different amount of grey makes you focus on the design longer as there is no colour association. I also find the way that he has replicated the entire speech using bold to represent Obama’s emphasis on certain words highly original. it gives you the sense of purpose in the speech without relying on visual imagery.

Whilst looking around the web for inspiration for book design i also came across some great work by Mark Brooks which creates visual portraits using basic shapes. from up close you cannot see exactly what the image is but walk away and the image becomes clear. That idea could work well as it shows how just the basic shapes can be manipulated to create a detailed image

This could be used as a way to show how the basic components of a computer work well when you look less at the individual elements and rather at the whole system. One wire might not look impressive on its own but that one wire would be a vital piece of a computer and without it the design wouldn’t work.

I have just had a visit over at MeshCulture and found a post by Yaw Owusu which shows a purchase that i will make as soon as they touch down over here

The Doernbecher x Air Jordan project continues in the form of a rejuvenated Jordan III silhouette. The collaboration is will be available this November at select Jordan Brand retailers.

I dont mind if someone wants to purchase for me. Christmas is coming soon!!!



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