Book update, Japanese coating, Binding

So far, I have been working toward my final production of my proposal booklet. I am pleased with how well the final piece is coming together, especially the fact that I am experimenting with different types of paper and styles. I have been giving some help with my design layouts, just in the case of kerning and leading, which I think has given my design the final touch it needed. I have also lowered the intensity of the black in my book to create a harmonic colour scheme. This I feel brings the piece together in the last stages of development. Due to not being able, to put strong material through the printer I have had to rethink my idea for the front cover of the piece. I originally had the idea of a strong cover to protect the work from any accidental damage that it may obtain. Due to the unforeseen problem, I have decided to use a dark cover with the image only being visible as the light reflects from it and have the actual white and green cover as a dusk sheet which will extend over both front and back.

I have decided to move from my idea of using newsprint in the piece to using Japanese single coated paper as it gives a texture to my printed piece whilst retaining a handmade element to the idea. This also allows me to experiment with the different ink on this paper style and how the text will show.

I have decided on using the Digi-Grotesk font family as it relates to my subject, being one of the first fonts created entirely using the digital process. Using full digital text and imagery works in contrast to the handmade binding and covers of the book making the stylization even.



  1. david nathanson

    DUST sheet —NOT DUSK sheet

  2. your cover = immense tekkers

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