London MCM Expo

ExCeL Exhibition Centre

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so i have returned from the london MCM expo at the excel centre where i helped my brother create a table of win. Although there wasnt a lot of business about I still got to see some amazing artists. its crazy when you see the level of dedication comic artists put in. im not gonna lie it made me want to come home and start drawing, but then i probably will get depressed at how my work compares. I also feel that it is about time i put some effort into fixing up my deviantart profile as i havent even been on it in a good few months, also my behance has been neglected.

i took a good few pics to share with you all

A characture of my aunt drawn by my brother

Some of Sean Phillips greatwork.

This joker is another example of sean phillips great work

I was in awe of some of the work there. Sean Phillips work was actually amazing. especially the fact that he done those paintings in about 10 minutes each. all from the top of his head.
I also got a chance to play some new games that are not available to buy yet. i had a quick go of the new assassins creed brotherhood game, and watched one of the capcom workers annihilate some kids of marvel vs capcom .
all in all it was a fun day, and i also got beer. so cant complain. now its time to start my thesis. so as usual find me on twitter.


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