11/11 a day for heroes

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since my last post I’ve been looking through my books to get a few more quotes and more research with regards to my thesis. Although I think the essay is quite strong at the moment, more evidence is always welcome, to expand my research further then just the books that I’ve read so far. I’ve also been using the bibliography of some of the existing books I have read to try to broaden my research. I’ve also been looking at newspaper articles, journals, and magazine articlesto try get a wide  variety in my work

Today is 11 November. The day that we remember all the soldiers that have died for us since the First World War. at 11 o’clock the whole of the UK took two minutes of their time to honour the dead. as usual some people used it as a way to force their propaganda through. On sky News today there was a selection of Muslim UK residents that felt the need to burn the Poppy. this is a slap in the face for not just the families of soldiers in this current war but also  families of any person who was killed in any  war. we where the Poppy not as a way condemning the current war as a way of respecting those that they many of which were of the Muslim faith. I found this quote online from a veteran of war.

“A Veteran is someone, who at one point in their life, wrote a blank cheque payable to the United Kingdom for an amount up to, and including, their life. Regardless of personal political views, religion or other affiliations; that is an honour.Unfortunately there are way too many people in this country who no longer remember that fact.”

i think maybe it’s time that we stood up and be counted. I just wish someone could tell me why these people who burn the poppy in front of others were not arrested for citing racial hatred. I know many Muslims who have condemned the at Acts and feel that these people are a disgrace to their religion

we have also seen yesterday, the power of students. after finding out that the Liberal Democrats have gone back on their word about tuition fees, and that they will be raised students yesterday took part in a march against these rises in education  fees. this March (that I was supposed to be going to) saw thousands of students take to the streets of London. Coaches from as far away as Scotland arrived in London to protest against the planned tripling of tuition fees and huge cuts the University funding. although this started as a peaceful demonstration it soon got out of hand. You have properly seen on the news the violence that erupted after the peaceful sit -in at Westminster. These people are got involved in  the violence were apparently not even involved in a student demonstration. It just shows how  some people will attach themselves to any cause for a reason to raise hell. do they not realise that by doing this it has taken all the focus away from the actual cause of the demonstration?

On a lighter note, the game call of duty Black Ops has been released and I believe it has become the biggest game of all time. It doesn’t surprise me since the last game, call of duty modern warfare 2, was the highest grossing game before Black Ops was released. what has surprised me is that there haven’t been too many people blown away with the game in fact many review sites have claimed that is just modern warfare 2 polished. this has led me to wonder has the game just become a franchise. like sports games are they just going to release a new version every year with a few minor tweaks rather than recreating a whole game. i guess if people will buy you they will do the least amount of work as their income is practically secured anyway.

I’m more looking forward to getting my hands on the fallout new Vegas anyway.



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