traditional or digital media?

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it’s been awhile since my last post so I think I should update you will with what I’ve been up to. I’ve been working hard we draft in my dissertation at the theoretical knowledge and evidence to support my arguments. I’ve been looking for more research in a wide selection of books from the library so I can look at multiple sources as a way to reinforce the information in my thesis.

I have also been looking at some styles for when I start to create my final piece. I want to look at the contrast between traditional and digital medias in a different way to what most people instantly think. I don’t want to reveal too much about my ideas but in time I hope to share them with you.

lastly I’ve been starting toget the basics of creating a website in Dreamweaver. Although I know I can  just slice a photo shop document into a web page are filled at the more programs I can get a working knowledge of the more it will benefit me in later life. Plus I taught myself at the shop illustrator after effects and in this I am so I like to complete the set.

I came across these images the other day and have been saving to this post they show some great unique Street art which is always of interest to me. Enjoy.


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