Year 3-Semester 1: A Reflective Overview

So we welcome in a new year and it is about time I have to write the overview of the first semester, which In all honesty has flown by. From now until I graduate I will be working harder than I ever have done In my life so If the blog doesn’t get updated as much It’s for a good reason. My original Idea for the basis of my work was how technology has Impact on society. This would link to my thesis where I would focus on technology from a graphic design perspective.  I came to a variety of problems when trying to look at research for my project and I soon concluded that I had a subject matter, which also lacked a focal point. As such, it was the first things that I changed.

Development of Ideas and Concepts: I came to the development of Ideas with a completely open mind. at the point of experimenting I had no Idea which direction that I wanted my project to go In (I still don’t) although I don’t see that as a problem at this stage as I have the tendency to become quite narrow-minded once I have an admittedly great Idea. Therefore, I got the first draft of my proposal down but still had no Idea how to present the piece. at first I thought of creating a motion graphics piece as I had quite a lot of success with my Chernobyl motion piece last year (which you can see here although I didn’t want to then get bored with motion In case my final piece was to become an animation. In the end, I opted for creating a book.

My book consisted of creating a simplistic design, which I felt contrasted with the complexity of   the subject matter. This intentional contrast was carried over onto the actual physical construction of the book. In its essence, my project is about how technology has affected society so I naturally contradicted this statement by hand creating my book. By taking the designs created on computer and binding by hand, I hoped to achieve an understanding how different techniques can be combined. You can view the final book in its glory on my Behance page

I feel that the book came out very well. Book designing has never been a very strong point of my arsenal but I think that I may have challenged my own perception of my InDesign skills.

Thesis: I must admit that this was the main thing I was not looking forward to this year. After seeing previous groups suffering with the word count, I felt that the best thing I could do was to get a wide berth of research early, make notes and try to lay down the groundwork at an early stage to take the main struggle out of the thesis.  It seemed to work well for me as I had finished the main body of work before the end of November. This gave me over a month to make adjustments and rewording. I had one major problem when constructing the thesis and that was as I was coming to the end of creating the main body of work I had to erase over 1500 words as my tutor thought that I was going off topic too much by trying to focus on areas such as movie animation.

This also happened as I was rewording. I kept adding more detail into my thesis and in the end had to take out another 1000 words to make the upper limit of the word count.

All in all I felt that the thesis was well argued with back up from a variety of sources (my bibliography being over 4 pages long) and I was extremely proud to see it professional binded and all ready for hand in.

Overall: I have enjoyed myself over the first semester. I have surrounded myself with a group of people who all have a laugh and yet inspire me. It is good to fire ideas and bounce opinions around to get a wide variety of help. I truly believe that I have created a good piece of design work with my proposal book. I have had good feedback from others and I just hoped that I have not peaked too early


Now it’s onto the experimental side of my brief



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