typography ideas and evil dogs

so I have been working hard with the responses that i received from my questionnaire. i have recently been engaging with making typographic compositions as a base layer for the designs that i hope to showcase as final pieces.

although i have enjoyed experimenting with the compositions and the way to portray the message of my project through them i do not feel that typography has enough of a visual impact for what i want to show. with this in mind i have been expanding my research to explore a photographic and more visual approach for the designs.

by using the compostions that i have already created it gives me a base layer to look deeper into the side of the project and to source a higher level of imagery that will be the basis of the posters….

in other words im looking for a pretty image or two.

these are some of the pages from my idea’s book. it is where the most basic ideas are jotted down, no drawings just pure ideas.

lastly from the lovely @alice potter i have seen this video. it freaked me out so thought i would share


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