Help Japan, Be Creative

Like most people, I have been glued to my TV watching the disasters occurring over in japan recently and before I go on, I want you to go to and donate any spare cash you have…

Also, have a look at how Creative’s Respond to Crisis on behance at it will make you feel good.



Now my posters are starting to take shape. I have settled on a layout style and I am currently writing the statements that will sit on the bottom of the poster to give an extra insight into the poster for audience members who may not be too familiar with technology and the ideas behind each individual poster.

I now have my posters nearly at the stage of completion. I have decided to divide them into sections, not only for and against tech, but also to show the difference between designs based posters and society-based posters.

The plan at the minute is to print some sample at a high resolution to make sure that they look good at large A1 size and then it is just refining and spellchecking to make sure there are no little design faults or mistakes.
I do not need to lose points for silly mistakes now!





  1. Max

    thx for featuring my work, I appreciate. But you should always at least name the authors and ideally link to their page (for source) in my case
    thx again.

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