Colour changing

It has been a while since my last post as I have been working towards finally completing my posters. I recently had a presentation and the feedback came in the form of a note saying that my posters felt too individual and not part of a series. I looked at different ways to make the posters look more of a series than before and decided I needed to use a reduced colour palette. The problem with this is that some of my posters needed to be a specific colour. Therefore, I kept the important colours and reworked ALL of my posters to fit into this new colour scheme. Personally, I feel like it has made some of the posters pop from the page a bit more and has forced me to contrast some details, which in turn leads them to become a focal point of the piece.

The other major change is the layout of the posters. Although I felt that the full bleed of my posters looked enticing, it did not work with the description on some of the more busy pieces. I felt just putting a white box on some posters to make the text readable would again take from the overall series so I have added a boarder to the designs with a easy to see section for the descriptions.

I have also incorporated the name of the project onto the posters rather than just having the logo as you can see below


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