Cut Me Up

It’s been a while since my last post and its due to me coming to the end of my FMP module for the final of year of the degree. I have two weeks today until hand in, and im glad to say that all my posters are completed and I’m just adjusting the last final tweaks before I start to print.

I will post them shortly on my facebook page

I have started to look into how to present my final posters on the various exhibition shows that my work will be featured in. I plan to have a book to go with the posters where the audience can find more information on the posters and can also see the ones that will not be there on display due to space restraints.

I recently went to visit the ‘London Zine Symposium’ to give me another idea of how to present some work. it was a hectic day and was so busy that it was practically impossible for me to even get my camera out. There was some fascinating work to be seen on the day and it looked like a lot of people had a great day.

The work of Erd Yakingun  


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