Novus: An Evaluation

The whole basis of the third year of this degree was to expand into an area which I feel I could produce the most visually exciting and stimulating pieces of work. I decided to focus on technology as it is both an interest of mine and is one of the most important aspects of our soon as I had settled on the subject the main focus for many was to give a reason for this project I felt that there was no point in creating interesting visuals if I had no message, no story or no concept.
The research stage of my project took a fair amount of time as I strived to get the broadest amount of information as I possibly could. I didn’t want to restrict myself with one aspect of technology so I took the time and looked far wide with my research and slowly over time narrowed the view down which became the basis of my work.
One of the most interesting aspects of this project soon became one of the downfalls of my research. Technology is always changing. As I was researching there were more and more interesting developments were occurring across the world, one such being the Egyptian uprising against the president which focused on the government restricted Internet service. Some of these developments were so important that I felt they had to be explored visually and as such became posters in the final piece.
A great deal of research was spent in my project creating questionnaires to gain other people’s opinions on the subject. These questionnaires were shared among my peers and also were sent out to individual freelance designers or companies to gain knowledge on both how they use technology and why they use technology. The results given help to focus the areas that the designs will concentrate and help me to eliminate some potential ideas as they did not seem relevant once the results were given.
Once I’d finished gathering my research the next stage from me was to make sure that the project contained one visual identity. I wanted to create posters that you could instantly tell were part of this project. In this state, most of the development was based around finding a template I could use. Within my posters I explored with a variety of different styles with one even having body text running vertically alongside the poster. I finally settled on an unobtrusive design which I made sure it did not overpower the visual impact of the final pieces.
When creating the actual body of work one feature I wanted to explore was to start using typographic features. I wanted to demonstrate the power of type, whilst retaining the power that typography can have over both the audience and the designs.
Although the actual subject matter was a complicated one I believe that with this project I could show that less is sometimes more. The main ambition of this project was not to preach my point of view to the audience but rather to give them enough information to make their own decisions on how technology has impacted on their lives .I tried to keep my own personal opinion out of my mind when creating these places as I did not want to push my ideals onto the audience members.
A factor that I took forward from my last project was the idea of contrasting the technological world with handcrafted elements. I know that I wanted to visually explore using handcrafted elements to visually expand on belief that the audience may have held one of my sketchbooks became a fully hand drawn piece of work in itself as I took to using different materials to try find a visual identity for the project. In the end the basis of the sketchbook actually became a poster in itself demonstrating how even today the pencil is still the most important piece of equipment a designer can have.
I took a handcrafted element on a journey with my posters as although it became the basis for many idea it also led me to create a hand rendered texture to give the impression of screen-printed and in my posters. The original idea would have been to physically screen-print my posters are due to time restraints I want to give the illusion that the designs had been crafted by her the reason for this was a game to highlight the contrast between how rendered elements and the clean cut ideals that the technological world is based on.
For my texture I actually scanned in a pair of my own jeans to give a rough weathered effect which works well especially concerning the darker colours although for some of the posters I actually had to do with the layer to make the effect truly visible.
When I think back to the beginning of the project and the ideals that I had I realised that I didn’t come away with the same results that I originally intended to a random create an animation showcasing the timeline of technology but I’m glad that I went in the other direction and explored with printed materials as the process of printing is in itself a development of technology. I feel that I spent too much time casting ideas. I feel I was too broad for too long and that I should move started to narrow my design give me the maximum time for alterations and suites if I could go back I think I would have created less posters as it is as it seems some ideas are too similar in a certain circumstances.
I would also try to make sure that I have given an even representation for the audience to make their mind up looking back at my posters I feel that although there is an even number for and against some messages are a lot more impactful from one side therefore skewing the arguments and when analysing it seems like I am leading the audience into making my assumption in technology.
The main purpose of my project was to give the audience are enough information and I feel that I have completed that task. I feel that all those certain parts of the project could be re-focus that overall it does exactly what I set out to there is a purpose behind everything and it doesn’t just fill like the designs are visual just for the sake of it. All of my designs when you look at them I hope you can see that there was a purpose behind the idea I have just picked subjects out of thin air. I have taking feedback from the design community and have use different points of view and have taken then on a journey. Without these messages this series of posters would just be an empty shell.


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