Relentless Energy Drink Rebranding

I was recently sent by Email some details about the rebranding of the ‘Relentless’ energy drink, and now I have been given the all clear to share I thought I would.
It gives an insight into some of the thinking behind the branding of an already well known product.

Relentless Energy Drink unveils iconic new Virtue designs for 2011

Symbols of nature, imagination, skeletal forms, and beautiful birds are all intertwined in the brand
new iconic visual character of Relentless Energy Drink’s new product packaging
giving each of the five variants a unique virtues visual identity for a new decade.

Through this new dynamic artwork the Relentless Energy ethos, ‘No Half Measures’, is brought
to life in all five variants with strong references to the tree of life, water, anatomical forms,
and the beauty of nature, which are all at constant struggle with one another, but each
succeeding in their own way.

Origin (Vision)
Inferno (Suffering)
Immortus (Endurance)
Devotion (Obsession)
Libertus (Mastery)

In addition to these ‘Virtues’ visuals, is Relentless Energy’s brand new insignia, which is featured
on one side of each can.
The ‘R’ entwined with the image of the crow symbolises dark nature, and yet at the same time personifies great beauty.

Sam Grant, Relentless Energy says “The individual artworks are very detailed to help visualise their
complicated backstory. Each personifies its own unique identity, bringing to life the virtues of the
five variants. While each one is separate they all flow in to the No half measures ‟ethos”

Relentless Energy Drink Inspiration behind the design

Symbols of nature, imagination, skeletal forms, and beautiful birds are all intertwined in the brand new iconic visual character of Relentless Energy Drink’s new product packaging – giving each of the five variants a unique virtues visual identity for a new decade

Origin (Vision)
The illustration of the treelike nerve symbolises the spread of an idea. Man’s imagination required to be an artist are represented by beautiful birds, which are offset by the skeletal forms that make up the man’s neck. The overall emphasis of the head format brings to life the attribute of Vision through design, in a reflective way.

Inferno (Suffering)
The main principal and focal point is the Tree of Life. With a strong colour pallet of deep red, fiery orange and bright yellow symbolising the struggle and suffering of life, defining hell’s efforts to drag our tree down into the raging abyss. The tree remains in full bloom, showing that the suffering has not been in vain.

Immortus (Endurance)
Focused around a raging sea storm with a central swirling vortex, it reflects the cyclical nature of the natural world. The power of the wave is brought to life with shattered classical columns, beautiful plants and anatomical forms. At the bottom of the wave lies Icarus, the son of Daedalus, who flew too close to the sun and fell into the sea below when his wings melted — a stark and relevant reminder of nature’s enduring power.

The human heart symbolising the passion artists have to their subject and what they are trying to create. This is explicitly brought to life with the statuesque hands clasped around the anatomical heart, which in turn is held by a venus fly trap made from human bones. In nature, of course, the fly trap is seductive to flies and other insects, but it can be lethal too. The same is true in art, where the idea being an artist appealing to most but only the few can withstand its darkside. Snakes are the ultimate symbol of seduction and wrap around the borders of the illustration.

Libertus, Sugar Free (Mastery)
The pitch black triangle in the centre of the composition represents order, while chaos can be seen looming all around it. Through the figures of the guardians we see serenity and calm. The artwork shows Neptune beating chaos away while two gargoyles guard the gates to mastery from either side. A visually breath-taking examination of this variant’s attribute of mastery brought to life 


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