The End….

So my exhibition has come to an end, today was spent taking the work down as well as the boards that we used to hold the produced work. All in all I feel that it has been a successful exhibition for not only me but the whole class.

I have included a selection of photographs of my exhibition and the layout of my work

As a way to show a higher number of posters than would be possible with such a small space, I constructed a video which used static and showed sections of my posters appearing. This allowed the audience to see little snapshots of other pieces of work.

As well as the animation I used other designs from the project to create a series of postcards that again gave ability for the audience to see other pieces of the project, this time at full scale. These postcards seemed to be extremely popular as when I took them I had over 200 and I returned today with only 23. These postcards also had my details and a list of software skills on the back in a mini CV format. This works well as a company may see the postcard and would instantly be able to contact me or find out what skills I have.



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