I Have An Inkling…

I have an inkling that Wacom’s new product will do very well.

Announced this morning, the new product will allow you to draw on any sheet of paper using the pen, plug the pen into your computer via USB, and your drawing will now be on-screen in a vector format. You will be able to edit the image fully using curves.

The only downside I can see at the present is that Wacom are only giving one nib, a ballpoint pen, when you purchase.
Imagine where this invention could go if they included a variety of nibs for illustrators to use. The possibilities are endless.

The pen in this case has a sensitivity of 1,024 levels, meaning that the harder you press whilst drawing the thicker the lines will appear on Photoshop/Illustrator.

Priced at  £125 plus VAT and available from October 2011 onwards I can see the Inkling doing great business for Wacom



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