More freelancing

Its been another long time since I last updated my blog, mainly because i have been busy but also because i keep forgetting to log on to wordpress.

I have been freelancing at Sony London Studio’s again recently, working on a game which I think will be a massive hit when it comes out. I believe it will be dropping around Christmas so prepare yourself for major promotion from me. Working in the studio recently i had the job of being the liaison between the concept artists and the art director, which again has opened up my network and allowed me to meet a few new people.

I have also had the pleasure of being able to sit indoors and hunt for full time work, which could be one of the most boring parts of being an adult i have ever endured….

On a lighter note, the new simcity has been announced. Simcity is a game that i never really understood but i played the hell out of it for ages. and now the new one has been annouced
the new engine the game will be based on


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