One day i will get the hang off this blogging scene.. i like to think I dont because i have a life (this is not true)

Recently I went to the Pick Me Up exhibition at Somerset House. If you havent heard of this exhibition it brings together some of the best up-and-coming graphic designers and illustrators to showcase some of their best/latest work.

I must admit there was something for everyone when I went to have a look, from screen -printing to drawing games…i was shocked at the mix of ages of the visitors. i was seeing older folks, right down to school kids who must of been on holiday ( i didnt think they left their playstations these days)

The actual exhibition cost £8 i think, easily worth the money as it was a lot bigger than i expected, containing work that i wouldnt of stumbled across without this show.

the show also contained live art demonstrations. an example was from PeepShow studio who held their designs, drawings and various other work in their own make shift museum. it brought something different and made the studio stand out amongst the others.
On each day their was also a special guest who would be showing unique work, included in this were Si Scott, Mr Bingo, George Hardie amongst others.


**More Pics to come later**

All in all it was a great day out. i saw some inspirational work an allowed myself to be immersed by all the fantastic work on show…plus you may be able to see my reflection in a few pics


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